Taste It: Freaky Armored Mystery Fish Caught In Malaysia

November 8, 2013


This is the unidentified mystery fish caught by fisherman Sapar Mansor off the coast of Tudan, Malaysia. I'm not sure I would eat it, but I would. I'll eat almost anything, including playground sand.

The creature has two tusk-like spikes near its mouth and measures over one foot in length. The fisherman's family have taking to calling the creature an 'Armour Fish' due its sharp spines.

His wife added: "It is God's gift and I and my family will keep the fish."

"It is God's gift and I and my family will keep the fish." You do realize if you keep the fish it's going to start to stink, right? It's not like finding a pretty shell on the beach. I kept a dead bird once. Huge mistake.

UPDATE: The fish has been identified as an Armored Searobin, a fish that looks like a cross between a dragon, fish, and Star Wars speeder bike. That Mother Nature -- she's a drinker. Keep going for even freakier pics of the species.





Thanks to chris3278, who's convinced it's the Prometheus fish responsible for bringing life to seafood on the planet.

  • Ellie
  • qwert`

    dried and on the plate its like a stylized pig's head. with the tusks

  • Rick Thomas

    looks like the head of a eastern style dragon.

  • qwert`

    no, it looks delicious

  • AtomicMountain

    So a lobster raped a halibut, or something. It happens all the time down there...BFD.

  • We need to call it zoidberg!!!

  • ricco

    i'm going to call it crocofish

  • sooo Pacific Rim is real?

  • GirlFromSpace

    It makes me wonder how people see something like this and think "Man, I want to eat that crunchy hentai dildo! I bet it'd go great with a white zen." - pshah


    Radiation does wonders

  • amino acid

    armored searobin is the name of the fish

  • Dave

    I thought it looked like one of forge world's Chaos Hell Blades... with big eyes.

  • MustacheHam

    Aww, they remind me of Mon Calamari.

  • GooglesTruly

    not sure how to eat it. but i bet it would be tasty!

  • Paul Q

    This is what Magikarp should turn into before Gyarados.

  • Faye Ramlan

    dammit Zoidberg!! You dont leave your spawns anywhere you want!

  • It's a cylon!!!! Protect the colonies!!

  • Mr. K

    Batter, Butter, and a beer. I'm in.

  • Max Baldwin

    Yeah that looks like something from the movie Atlantis

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