Super Mario Boozers: Nintendo Cartridge Flasks

November 19, 2013


These are the line of Nintendo cartridge flasks that Matt Cornell of Ink Whiskey LLC designed. They're currently a Kickstarter project but have already met their funding goal so paying up will guarantee a flask when they ship around March of next year. $15 will get you a Drunk Hunt flask, $20 a Super Bar-Hop Bros., CastleVodka, Metal Beer or Legend of Drink flask, and $50 a special gold edition Legend of Drink flask. $70 gets all five (with a non-gold Legend of Drink). You gonna get one? I'm gonna get one, and I'm gonna keep it stashed in my NES for safe keeping. "That sounds like a terrible idea." Pfft, what do you know? "Call me when your Nintendo is on fire." Whatever.

*six months later*
Hey, remember me? You told me to call you when my Nintendo was on fire?
"Dammit, GW."
Now what do I do?
"Try waving your penis at it. That should work."

Keep going for a couple more shots including one of all the game art.




Thanks to Bonetown, which I never want to visit.

  • Mary E Heuvel

    Does it come with an invisible straw?

  • Kenn Hoekstra

    If they make one of these for weed they can still call it "Tecmo Bowl."

  • Mr. K

    Alternate Titles:
    Rye Hunter
    Double Drinkin'
    Mike Tyson's Drunk-Out
    DUI Excitebike

  • namor

    If it doesn't pour, just blow in it

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