So There's Walking Dead Monopoly And Risk Games Now

November 12, 2013


This is the $40 Walking Dead themed Monopoly game available from ThinkGeek (plus a ton of other places you're welcome to search yourself because I'm not Santa). It plays exactly like Monopoly, but with a zombie apocalypse theme. There's also a Risk game. You want them? Cool, go buy them. You want me to come play? Fine, but you better have a fridge full of beer. And if you beat me I will flip the table and call you a filthy cheater. WHICH YOU ARE. I knew I never should have let you be the banker. "You insisted." Yeah, but only because I hate counting. "Hate it, or never learned how?" Wow, really? "How many fingers am I holding up?" Four. Now how many am I holding up? "That's a fist." Sure is, PREPARE TO HURT.

Hit the jump for a closeup of the Monopoly board and tokens and Risk.





Thanks to Emily S, who agrees the best board games are the ones with rules that can be modified to include a stripping element. OMG, I looooove naked Mouse Trap.

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