So Can I: X-Box One Kinect Sensor Can See Your Penis

November 20, 2013


Did you really have to circle it?

Because who doesn't want some all-seeing Eye of Sauron constantly tracking their pecker, Mark Wilson of Fast Company Design has discovered the XBox One's new Kinect sensor was powerful enough to see his penis. Which, judging from that picture, means it had to be SUPER powerful. Not to brag or anything, but even the original XBox Kinect was strong enough to see my penis AND mistake it for a leg.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to PYY, who agrees if people can't see the outline of your penis through your jeans you're doing it wrong.

  • So wait... Microsoft is gonna sell our dick sizes to NSA pedophiles? That's what I heard. I'm telling EVERYONE.

  • nightvisiongoggles1 .

    I won't believe this until I see geek girl Trisha Hershberger try it out.

  • Boomsling

    Infowars..... AS A SOURCE!
    jezzz, dont legitimise this tinfoil hat wearing pricks with the word 'source'.

  • And now we know why it is called the XBone

  • Fake.

  • dementus666

    XBOne: better than camel toes.

  • cuthbert51

    Hard to take the report seriously, since they are wrong on multiple things {you don't have to check in every 24 hours and you don't have to have Kinect plugged in to use the system - both were old "features" that were removed months ago}.

  • Rick Bruce

    This is Grade A shit reporting. Look at how tight that guy's pants are I'm pretty sure if I saw him in person I'd be able to see the outline of his prick clear as day. I didn't see nipples or a set of balls on this screen . Did you? The camera picks up on contours so when you wear jeans tight enough to squeeze diamonds out of coal of course its going to pick up your junk. I can see the next report now, "Xbox One reveals genitalia of girls in super tight shorts". No sir, that is what we call "camel toe" and you can see some women's lovely labia outline from the mars rover cam.

  • douchelarouche

    >women's lovely labia outline from the mars rover cam.
    Bit creepy, but otherwise witty.


  • Jigo

    OMG the girls at the beach are naked, we can see the outlines !

  • Dinosaur Rex

    That's so wrong, only me, my girl, and the people that looks at the window when I'm naked because I refuse to close the curtains, it's my own damn house damn it...oh yeah, I don't want the xbox looking at my penis when I don't want to.

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