Russian Kid Repeately Going Over The Bar On A Swingset

November 7, 2013


This is a video from Russia of some kid repeatedly going over the top bar on a swingset. The swingset has stiff metal handbars instead of chains though, which I assume make it a lot easier. Plus it's tiny. Basically I'm saying anybody with big enough balls could do it. You just have to be willing to live with those balls inside-out for the rest of your life afterwards.

Keep going for the video, then meet me at the playground after work.

Thanks to Andy, who might not not go over the top bar, but has never lost a 'who can jump the furthest out of their swing' contest.

  • This guy is such a fucking badass.

  • Broseph


  • wowemily

    I love these poor Russian kids. They make the most of what little they have. They're like the new Native Americans or something. They should fucking wear war paint and ride down the street on horses.
    Oh, and free Pussy Riot, and fuk Putin. His country is an obvious shat-hole, and he's spending his energies locking up punk rockers and gays and sending them to Siberia.

  • HelloDentist
  • Jef verheyden

    Doesn't anybody notice how in the first minute there is a leg missing of the swing set? Or is that just my imagination?
    There is just something that calls out edited in my mind.

  • The Indicator

    I was waiting for the dismount...

  • ODwanKenObi

    Every time there is a Russian video, I always see that same depressing tan apartment complex in the background with dirty snow on the ground.

  • Soylent Green Is People

    Man, I will take any opportunity to plug Vladimir Putin's Tumblr page:


  • DeathBotGamma

    You can tell that's not America. There aren't 100 parents "flipping out" over this. See what I did with a play of words GW? I knew you'd be impressed.

  • n11

    Tey couldn't afford rope or chains?

  • Soylent Green Is People

    Already being used to restrain dissidents in the gulag.

  • I love how nobody seems to be paying attention and just doing whatever in the background

  • Narcotic

    I was going to say the same thing. I guess that's Russia for ya.

  • Mr. K

    Man, Russia looks depressing.

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