Robotic Deer To Catch Out-Of-Season And Illegal Hunters

November 15, 2013


Seen here looking like an animal that's had its head shot off and reattached one too many times, the robotic deer Florida police use to catch out-of-season hunters gazes sadly at the camera. "I'd rather be a wall mount," I imagine it saying. Obviously it's never seen itself in a mirror. The story of some idiot who shot at the thing out-of-season from his truck:

The Florida man had apparently seen the deer on the side of the road (placed there by the police) and shot it with his rifle. That's illegal because deer season is currently closed and because you can't shoot a deer from a roadway. According to the Miami Herald and Outside Magazine, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission have been using robotic deers like this to catch hunters for a while now. They place it on the side of the road, control its movements and have officers pop out of nowhere after the shot is fired.

Out-of-season drive-by deer shootings -- Florida, ladies and gentlemen! No thinking, just doing. It's like America's penis, just out there dangling in the ocean. Sometimes I pray at night a shark will come bite it clean off.

Thanks to Ian, who made a robotic Bigfoot to see how many people would just shoot and kill the poor bastard instead of trying to communicate with him.

  • Kenlin Bros

    Can someone explain to me how this isn't entrapment?

  • $12217504

    Clearly a good use of government resources. If I was able to choose where my tax dollars went, it would be to this effort.

  • dingusthemonique

    Let me guess this is right next to the road. Constantly looking like it's going to leap out infront of the next vehicle.

  • MustacheHam

    Weaponize them. >:3

  • They can arrest me for shootin it, but not if I bang it!

  • Megan Flanagan

    These things get shot to hell every year out here. Some of the locals can't figure out why it's still standing after 3 bullets to the chest.

  • Jai Mico

    They should use this method for poachers in Afrika

  • steve holt

    Seen here looking like an animal that's had its head shot off and reattached one too many times" made me laugh my ass off.

  • DrZanz

    This is stupid, what if I choose to shoot it because it's obviously not real? Next you will be getting jailed for murder for shooting at manikins.

  • dougfunnay

    he was still shooting it from a roadway jackass
    not that its appropriate to be shooting expensive robotics equipment that doesnt belong to you anyway (assuming the ridiculous scenario you brought forth had any merit what so ever)

  • DrZanz

    Lighten up sonny, if you can't at least see where I'm coming from you're pushing the definition of intelligence. My point was it's a ridiculous method for preventing illegal hunting and was giving an equally idiotic scenario in comparison. I'm sorry that needed explaining but I realise this is the internet and comments like yours are abound, although you're far from the worst for it. Keep your chin up chap!

  • ShartInYourJacuzzi

    Before reading I'm all "I don't care if you shoot them out of season just kill them." But drivebys? Now I'm like "glad I don't live in Florida you stupid rednecks"

  • Jeremy Tilton

    Not a lot of posts today. I think GW is busy playing PS4 and drinking beer.

  • Guest

    how good is their robo deer control? can you drive it at people to trample? "i i don't understand, I shot it full of holes but it just keeps coming"

    like terminator

  • Matt Smith

    Haha take that you animal hunting small dick pussies.

  • catallergy

    Are you vegan?

  • Bubbubsky

    How is being a meat-eater the same thing as illegally shooting animals from the road? Is that "sport?" Or is it just the thrill of being able to extinguish life?

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