Real Life Legolas: Archer 'Rediscovers' Ancient Archery Techniques, Can Shoot Three Arrows In A Second

November 14, 2013


This is a video of Danish archer Lars Anderson demonstrating the ancient archery techniques he's been practicing. The key to a lot of them is holding spare arrows in your hand instead of a quiver. Doing so, Lhars can shoot 10 arrows in 4.9 seconds, shoot 11 arrows before the first hits the ground, shoot through chainmail, shoot three arrows in less than a second while falling, and shoot three disks while running backwards in 1.12 seconds. I wish I was better at archery. I think the bow might actually be my favorite weapon if you don't count laser blasters or psychological warfare.

Keep going for the worthwhile video, but feel free to skip around. You can't turn off the robotic narration though. There's also a shorter one after of Lars hitting targets from the back of a motorcycle.

Thanks to Boulder, who asked me to stand by a tree with an apple on my head but I politely declined.

  • Aish

    That is amazing news that an archer found out a technique to shoot three arrows together. I tried it myself but failed many times; more information is found at an archery website, get ready for adventure of your life.

  • pointingto

    It may Lookalike fast and too many arrows hitting ground off
    the focus; I vividly remember having seen the sketches of actual recorded
    history of Khilafah army horse-ridden horsemen mounting horse at speeding away
    from the chasing enemy and still able to aim and shoot arrows at 360d with
    precision to kill...

  • Eric Scoles

    i love the insights from archers on this thread. i haven't used a bow in decades, but this still geeks me right the f*** out.

  • eu

    Faz a cavalo que eu quero ver....

  • Dano

    Well, that just blew away anything else I was going to be impressed by today.

  • sandul

    hey orlando bloom was pretty fast and accurate for a goddamn actor. he worked hard to be as fast as he was. and he had to reach behind his back for every arrow, they weren't already there for his hand to grab them 2 inches away.

  • Eric Scoles

    i thought I remembered scenes where he's doing hand-carry.

    gotta say, i do want his quiver. had to love the way it magically produced more arrows whenever he needed them...

  • jush

    this really is unbelievably awesome

  • Grob

    so he just holds them in the right hand instead of the left? how was that a forgotten technique

  • It's actually pretty hard. I just tried it on my lunch break. It looks like while the arrow he's shooting is on the normal spot for a right handed person, the in waiting arrows are on the opposite side of the bow. I would have liked to have seen more close ups to try to get a better idea of his technique. I'll google him this weekend

  • Peter Sanders

    He is using Thumb ring release, not the modern three-finger release.

    Three-finger puts the arrow on the same side of bow as the holding arm - left side for a right handed archer.
    Thumb ring release puts the arrow on the opposite side of the bow from the holding arm -- on the right side for a right handed archer.

  • Soylent Green Is People

    500 years ago this guy would have been a goddamn terminator.


    500 years ago this guy would have been a bog-standard archer, allegedly.

  • Eric Scoles

    probably not. bog-standard equipment wasn't up to this type of performance, back then. top-line stuff like samurai bows & arrows or the stuff in the national museum in turkey, yes, but ordinary hunters and military archers? nope.

  • tyrsland

    Actually standard equipment(hun, hungarian,mongol) ws definitely capable... and still is...

  • SoderThun

    pfffft.. I can do that.. hold my beer.

  • wowemily

    Thank you Lars Anderson. You may look completely uncoordinated, but you are fast as sh#t. I always thought the old way didn't make sense.

  • Alicia Ford

    He makes it look easy. I have a new life goal:p

  • Couple buddies and I picked up archery a few months ago as a fun side sport. We just recently became able to shoot 1 flying target out of the air (and not every time yet), lol. This Lars guy is pretty impressive.

  • Matt

    What nutjob ever thought that these robo narrators were a good idea. I have seen them on more and more videos.

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