Real Life Batman Bin Suparman Arrested In Singapore

November 11, 2013


A man named Batman Bin Suparman was recently jailed in Singapore after stealing his brother's ATM card to withdraw money, breaking into a business and stealing more money, and using heroin. Superheroes: they're not what they used to be. Or -- OR -- was Batman really under the influence of Scarecrow's fear gas and didn't know what he was doing? Because that's what I would have pleaded in court.

On the night of Aug 9, he broke into the office of GF Billiards & Marketing in Depot Road. He then stole $200 from the $430 placed in a drawer, probably in the hope that the missing amount might not be noticed. That was not so. An employee checked the surveillance video footage and saw that a thief had forced open a window to enter the premises. Police were informed and the offender was arrested on Aug 19. A urine test revealed that he had also been abusing heroin.

Batman, who has his own fan club on the Facebook social networking site, has garnered 10,000 "likes" for his superhero-like name.

Obviously, the real problem here is this guy's parents named him Batman. You're setting a kid up for disaster when you do something like that. That's like your parents naming you Smarty McNobelprizewinner. Of course you're going to the dumbest kid in your class because that is TOO MUCH PRESSURE FOR A CHILD. You know what my parents named me? Nothing, they let me pick my own name when I was old enough. Now that's just good parenting -- take it from your pal Spaghetti'O Voltron Dinosaur.

Thanks to Ryan O, who agrees we should all chip in and see if we can't get Batman here some treatment at Arkham Asylum.

  • Brian Rakowski

    Evidently, he tried to get website hosting from HostGator last year as well. Frickin' awesome hahaha

  • Guest


  • Alice

    I was just about to point that out 11

  • I heard the Internet tells you stories from afar.

  • Roer

    I remember a few years back when this identity card first surfaced.

  • Ronald

    Bad parenting at its best . . .

  • Suspicious Character

    Bad...or awesome?

    Though considering he was arrested...probably bad :( I guess Suparman was an awful dad.

  • Ronald bad to me. Giving that kind of name to a child is as well as starting a path for the kid to life-ruindom. I can see how tough his childhood life was.

    Suparman is quite a common name here in Indonesia. But Batman is not. The parent must be fully aware of the caped crusader's origin when giving that name to the poor kid.

  • qwert`

    haw haw misspelled japanese ;)

  • Ronald

    Javanese. It's Indonesian origin.

  • Roer

    The Javanese are a real people.

  • qwert`

    did neither of you see the wink? I know full well of the coffee folk's existence.

  • Jesus Manuel Sandoval-Serrano

    I used to work for hostgator, and our account verification department turned this guy down for what was clearly a fake ID.

  • Lee

    From Singapore here and I can confirm that this article is legit. It has appeared on our local newspapers too.

  • korimu84

    I don't normally comment but when I do it's to let you know Batman "bin" Suparman means Barman "son of" Suparman

  • Yemundo

    I was just about to point that out..

  • Cimber

    The photo of his ID has gloriously surfed the web for years. Sure some schmuck didn't just make up the whole story?

  • qwert`

    yeah must be fake. I just can't believe the son of krypton's last son would do this sort of thing. let alone if he was batman too.

  • JBrew

    His last name is not Suparman. He is a muslim. The 'Bin" in his name is Arabic for "son of". His father's name is Suparman. So, his full name is Batman, son of Suparman.

    Blame the grandparents for starting it all.

  • Guest

    can't it be both? I was raised with the unfortunate(ly awesome) name of "John Johnson(the 4th(at least))"

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