Running With The Bad Guys: Nike's 'Megatron Rises' Transformer Themed Training Sneakers

November 26, 2013


Because everybody wishes they were a Transformer so they could transform into a much cooler version of themselves with bazookas for arms, Nike has just announced this 'Megatron Rises' line of sneakers. They come in three varieties (including an actual cleated version for those of you who have no shame wearing cleats to your fantasy football league), all with purple Megatron styling. Personally, I've never really been that into fancy sneakers. Shoes are just so easy to get dirty and I am a filthy person. My shoes could get dirty just sitting in my apartment. Just think about that for a minute. Then feel bad and hire a maid. Or a hitman -- either way, problems will get solved.

Keep going for closeups plus the others.









Thanks to ISmellFire, who still took the time to send a tip even though their house is probably just ashes by now.

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  • Jeff

    These are being released with Calvin "Megatron" Johnson (#81) of the Detroit Lions. 81 sets of all 3 shoes come with a Megatron action figure as well:

  • Soylent Green Is People

    A Calvin Johnson action figure? Or a real Megatron-from-the-cartoon figure? Not that I'd buy these but I'd hope it would be the latter. Of course, I can't see Nike selling these shoes with a transformer that turns into a gun:

    Hmm..should I rob that store and then try to out-run the cops on foot?


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