Nordy: Skyrim Dragon Bone Armor Made In Real Life

November 12, 2013


This is the set of dragon bone armor made by Redditor Starkfelt17. Me? I haven't felt 17 since I was 17. Although I did feel 19 a couple weekends ago when a friend produced a tray of Jello shots from the fridge. Obviously, the costume isn't real dragon bone because real dragon bones are insanely expensive and you can usually only find them in powder form as a potion ingredient. Although I do know a guy. I could probably get you a decent sized dragon bone for the right price. "How much are we talking?" $50,000 sound fair? "Deal." Whoa -- awesome. Meet me back here in a week with the money. *one week later* Here you go -- one large, authentic dragon bone. "Did you have a peg-leg a week ago?" I was born with that.

Keep going for a shot of the back.


Thanks to oblyvaeon and V, who have been selling fake fairy wings to witches for years. Haha -- dragonfly wings, right?!

  • Dominick Hanshew

    Its #epic but the axe just fucking ruined it.

  • qwert`

    hey if you're selling bodyparts for 50k....anybody want to chip in with me to make an offer on something?

  • lolwutzzzzzz

    First quest: To see what a vagina feels like.

  • Ken L

    Let us know how that turns out for ya! They are awesome! Good luck on your quest!

  • lolwutzzzzzz

    Alas after many a perilous nights I've located one. Hidden in a shallow unassuming hovel, sat there a festered Draugr Queen vagina, gamey yes, but a vagina none the less! Beholden to my prize, I then fast traveled to every town and village, ransacking until my inventory satchel overflowed. I now journey to Dawnstar to sell these bloody things at a premium markup to the local fishermen. Slow going through this damned snow, back is aching. Think I carry far too many, though strangers on the roads say not nearly enough. Hope these don't attract the company of dragons for fear I may need to stash hundreds in a tree hollow and make haste!
    -Lolwutzzzzzz Dragonborn

  • P-body

    Behind the camera is 1000 iron daggers

  • Austin Baker

    I love that he is in a kitchen

  • Turbosloth

    Someone found a way out of the basement.

  • Matticus Morgan

    pretty cool, aside from the flabby nerd arms >.>

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