No More Late Fees: The Last Blockbuster Movie Rental

November 13, 2013


This is a shot of what was allegedly the last Blockbuster movie rental in the history of Blockbuster movie rentals in the United States. Honestly, I thought all Blockbusters had closed awhile ago because mine has been a cycling gym for over a year now. The picture was taken on November 9th at 11PM in Hawaii. The movie rented? 'This is the End'. How appropriate. Is dude planning on returning it after watching? I wouldn't if I were him. Plus I would have "rented" all the video games I've been meaning to play too. There's actually a locally owned movie rental place down the street from me that still rents VHS tapes and only VHS tapes. I think it's just a front for selling drugs though. Same goes for the typewriter store.

Thanks to E V I L A R E S and Luke, who have both jumpkicked Redboxes before for giving them scratched disks.

  • Raiden

    One of my fondest childhood memories was checking out Roland Emmerichs Godzilla from BlockBuster. . . It's a shame they have to go.

    But i'm not too depressed. If you really need a rental store for your Videos. There's always going to be Libraries and Mom and Pop owned video stores. So Im not too worried.

    Heck I think Quentin Tarantino OWNS the video store he worked at when he was a kid.

  • LittleBigFace

    Still open in the UK (yookay).

  • The closures only affect corporate stores and not franchises. So if you still have a Blockbuster in your area like I do, it's probably a franchise.

  • Alex Rodriguez

    Actually, the ones here left in Alaska are owned by another company and are not closing down. So in my professional opinion, this picture can go fuck itself.

  • HackTheGibson

    Not the last one. Blockbuster is closing their last few stores left, but there are some franchises still going.

  • douchelarouche

    When did Gilbert Godfrey gain so much weight and start renting shitty movies at shitty stores?

  • Sh17C0que

    And when did he multiply by 3?

  • Dom

    When he started reading Geekologie and stopped doing anything else.

  • Daniel Carlson

    That isnt the last blockbuster rental ever... They have a store 5 blocks from where i live thats turned into a blockbuster mobile store. it works like netflix but you can exchange your movie in store as many times as you like. ITS NOT DEAD YET. YOU WERE TROLLED

  • Toby Markham

    Meanwhile, the other 2 guys are now celebrating with their unemployment.

  • Max Baldwin

    This guy isn't gonna return it and then 5 years from now we are going to find out that Blockbuster is suing this guy for 5 years worth of late fees. HE'S JUST A PATSY!

  • Matt Grant

    I cant believe I wasted 8 years of my life on that ship

  • guest

    I am pretty sure the blockbuster around me is still chugging along.

  • Guest

    I just went to my Blockbuster. Tons of people. It does really well it seems.

  • ODwanKenObi

    I miss the days of getting baked and browsing all the movie rentals at 11:30pm trying to find that right movie to watch before the store closes. Those were the days. RIP Movie rental stores. You will be missed.

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