My D&D Session Demands Them: 3-D Printed Thorn Dice

November 27, 2013


This is a set of 3-D printed thorn dice designed by Shapeways user ceramicwombat. You can get plastic versions for as low as $27, but that makes you a cheap-ass. Just save up the $82 and get a decent metal set or don't get any at all. Just think about how badass your next Dungeons and Dragons session is going to be!

Friend: Whoa bro, sweet metal thorn dice!
You: Thanks, I was going to get plastic ones until the GW talked some f***ing sense into me.
Friend: He's a smart dude.
You: The smartest.
Friend: I heard Eskimos have over 100 different names for his penis.
You: I know, my favorite's Warmth Bringer.
Friend: You ever stopped to realize just how much time he's made us spend thinking about his peenor?
You: Not enough.
Friend: Not nearly enough.

Keep going for a couple more shots of different metal finish options and a video so you can hear what they sound like when you shake them, but be sure to check out the rest of ceramicwombat's Shapeways store for a ton of other unique dice.






Thanks to PapaKaster, who agrees these are probably not the dice to eat when you get mad because an ogre slayed your night elf.

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