'Military Inspired' ATV With Airless, Unpoppable Tires

November 19, 2013


This is the $15,000 Sportsman WV850 H.O. from Polaris. That's a pretty poor name. I would have called it the Unstoppable Earthf***er or something with STYLE. The all-terrain military inspired vehicle includes unpoppable TerrainArmor™ non-pneumatic tires which can stand up to M4, AK-47, and .50-caliber ballistics. You know, because that's something to consider when buying an ATV. Sure it has a cup holder, but will the wheels pop if I get into a firefight? "Well, yeah, but so will your head." THAT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME. Call me when it can stand up to a bear orgy.

Keep going for a couple more shots and a commercial.



Thanks to hairsprung and Eli, who agrees the best all terrain vehicle is a jetpack.

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