McDonald's Japan Offering Super Mario Happy Meal Toys

November 15, 2013


Because Japan always gets way cooler stuff than the rest of the world, this is the line of Super Mario toys purveyor of barely-burgers McDonald's will be giving away in the country's Happy Meals. Here in the US? No clue, probably a pamphlet about exercising. All the Mario toys either play music or perform an action. Anybody want to move to Japan with me? Actually, let me rephrase that -- anybody want to move to Japan and let me live with you rent-free? I can cook and clean. I'm never going to, but I know how.

  • reed

    Watch this! Another cutesy wootsy character. from japan again?

  • We had them two months ago in Romania

    Half-Life 3 confirmed

  • Sixth Dimension

    We had Mario toys here in the 90s.

  • failtech

    Germany had this one or two months ago. Around the time our local mcD started a home delivery service :P

  • Conrado Parra

    eat that XBOX One and PS4

  • Enayet Karim

    Japan is a giant in toy making.

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  • Beardpork

    Pole dancing Mario is my favorite

  • eck

    we have these in Holland now

  • We have already finished the entire collection in Italy, couple of months ago. But this is a different collection, the only piece in common is Mario inside the pipe!! I'd love to have the pinguin or the flag :(

  • MustacheHam


  • Don

    I can confirm that this is also in holland now =p

  • Josh

    Yep, just got one today!
    But they're not the same as the picture ?

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