Local News Report On Ghosthunters Includes Ghost Who Allegeldy Wrote 'The Cake Is A Lie' On Chalkboard

November 6, 2013


Because apparently nothing else happens in Tulsa, Oklahoma, this is an almost five minute local news report about Jim Pace and his merry band of ghosthunters who "use technology to see the other side." What kind of technology? Real advanced stuff: video cameras, microphones -- shit you've probably never even heard about before. The sad news reporter quote associated with sign:

Other paranormal signs, Jim says: a message on a chalkboard, which was once part of that basement jewelry business. Someone or something, he says, wrote this message. "The cake is a lie." Which historically, Jim Says, means the promised reward never happened. Meaning somebody down here, isn't very happy.

If I were a news reporter and found myself assigned to this story I would quit and vow to never report again. I mean, just watch it. I knew local news was bad, but this? They ought to be ashamed. And this is coming from the guy who writes Geekologie and can literally work his penis into any article. See? Take it from a pro.

Hit the jump for the whole video (including spooky sound and video effects!), all of which is worth a watch, but skip to 2:35 if you just want to see the Portal reference.

Thanks to ChaosLex, who loves chaos so much he sets an alarm for 4AM then bangs pots and pans around for a little bit to convince the neighbors his place is haunted.

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