Interactive Bob Dylan Music Video Allows You To Change TV Channels, Watch Every Show Lip-Sync The Song

November 20, 2013


This is an interactive music video for Bob Dylan's classic 'Like A Rolling Stone' featuring a little TV set that you can use to change the channel and watch people on all the different programs lip-sync the song. There's Drew Carey on The Price Is Right, Marc Maron doing a podcast, a tennis tournament, a home improvement show, a kid's cartoon, the History Channel, a cooking show, a home shopping channel, some romance movie, Pawn Stars and a couple news channels. It's worth checking out. Unfortunately, there was no softcore p0rn channel like Cinemax. Which, considering my boss walked in halfway through the video, was probably a blessing in disguise.

Keep going for the worthwhile interactive video.

Thanks to SuperTom, who's so super everyone gives him discounts wherever he shops out of respect.

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