I'm Wearing Some Now: Pokemon Character Lady Panties

November 12, 2013


This is a series of Pokemon monster themed boyshort 'Pokepanties' made and sold by Etsy shop MakersWay. They kind of make your ass look like Charmander's, Squirtle's, Pikachu's or Bulbasaur's. If your lover is more into that than they would be your regular ass, RUN, DO NOT WALK to the closet, throw all your stuff in a garbage bag, and leave immediately. You ever asked a lover to wear a paper mask of your own face while doing the nasty? I regret it.

Keep going for the fronts of each.





Thanks to Hop Tan Le, who prefers panties that accentuate the ass you've got, not make it look like a fictional monster's.

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