I'd Lick Them: Microscopic Views Of Dried Human Tears

November 20, 2013


This is 'Topography of Tears', a series of microscopic photographs of human tears taken by Rose-Lynn Fisher. It's weird how most of them look like little maps of Middle Earth. I can almost imagine Frodo and the rest of his hairy little friends bounding down a grassy knoll, ready for adventure. And -- what's this -- a group of naked elves emerging from the forest! Hmmm....their face and long hair kind of make it hard to tell the sexes apart. Are they girls? Are they boys? Who cares, let's all go play in the river!

Keep going for a bunch more, but check out an in depth article about the different kinds of tears and stuff HERE.







Thanks to lilco, who agrees the best tears are the ones cried with a winning lotto scratcher in your hand.

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