I Must Have One: A Reading Net For Your At-Home Library

November 18, 2013


This is the Reading Net designed by Spanish creative studio Playoffice. Of course I'm not sure how much credit Playoffice actually deserves. It's not like they invented nets, they just came up with the idea of hanging them in home libraries to give your kids a place to hang out and read the herpes-free books you've collected over the years.

[The Reading Net is] a meshed fabric suspended from the architecture of a family library, that acts as a second-level reading range. the hanging web is tautly attached to the railings of a lofted path, and -- as both children and adults climb onto the woven expanse -- they can both lounge and learn on the buoyant surface.

First of all, that home library in the pictures is ridiculous. Somebody is rich as shit. Secondly, forget about JUST the library -- I want nets in every room of the house. I want to be able to go for days or weeks without ever touching the ground. "What about when you need to go to the bathroom?" I'll do it like a little kid. "Which is?" In the bathtub.

Keep going for a bunch more shots in case you like getting angry at rich kids for having way cooler stuff than you did growing up.





Thanks to c-nasty, who's not really living up to his name sending me tips about nets to hang in your home library. I expected more (less) from you.

  • JT Le

    Actually, it would hurt like hell to lie on knotted nets like that for extended periods of time.

  • MustacheHam

    Thought: World's largest hammock?

  • catallergy

    This is neat, but I'd still prefer a big comfy chair to read in instead of this. There's nowhere to put my coffee/tea (or if you're a kid, hot chocolate)!!!

  • Jaffa

    I must try this at flying trapeze and see how long it takes Steen to kick me out...

  • Reminds me of the nets they have in prisons to stop suicides.

  • dementus666

    Reminds me of the nets Foxconnput up to stop suicides.

  • lmern

    It's all fun and games till the kids get too big for the net, but don't realize it, bring too many friends onto it, and the entire thing collapses into a horrifying pile of limbs and book bindings.

  • Hope none of them are bed wetters at nap time.

  • Guest

    underage pantyhose feet!! :3

  • Shane Anderson

    Perhaps I can fashion some sort of oversize hammock area to serve the same purpose... fishingnets? trampoline?

  • Virrbb Burd

    cool for the 1%

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