I DO, I DO I DO I DO!: Dinosaur Bone Wedding Ring

November 26, 2013


This is the $600 meteorite and dinosaur leg bone wedding ring made and sold by Etsy purveyor JewelrybyJohan. Is $600 expensive for a wedding ring? Correct answer: Not if there's dino bone and meteorite involved. I do think it's a little insensitive though that they chose to pair dinosaur with the very thing that caused their extinction. That would be like making a Geekologie Writer bone and demon blade ring. "You're going to die by a demon blade?" It is written in the prophecy. "What prophecy?" I read it on a stall door in the bathroom. "Show it to me." Fine. "This says, 'For the tightest butt call 555-4943.' Wait, isn't that you number?" *wink*

Thanks to T.J. O. and A, who agree the best rings are the ones that double as secret decoders and/or magic talismans.

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