I DO, I DO I DO I DO!: Dinosaur Bone Wedding Ring

November 26, 2013


This is the $600 meteorite and dinosaur leg bone wedding ring made and sold by Etsy purveyor JewelrybyJohan. Is $600 expensive for a wedding ring? Correct answer: Not if there's dino bone and meteorite involved. I do think it's a little insensitive though that they chose to pair dinosaur with the very thing that caused their extinction. That would be like making a Geekologie Writer bone and demon blade ring. "You're going to die by a demon blade?" It is written in the prophecy. "What prophecy?" I read it on a stall door in the bathroom. "Show it to me." Fine. "This says, 'For the tightest butt call 555-4943.' Wait, isn't that you number?" *wink*

Thanks to T.J. O. and A, who agree the best rings are the ones that double as secret decoders and/or magic talismans.

  • bakuryu

    Ancient earth lord and his nemesis.I wonder if they did this on purpose or it's just a mix of expensive material they glue together for rich people.

  • such a cool and different wedding ring!

  • Forblat

    Once you cut the ring shape out of the original fossil, it may as well have been any mineral deposit. At least the bit cut out of meteorite actually came from a space rock I guess.

  • Tem

    Would it kill ya to credit Reddit?


  • OrehRatiug

    GW gets all his news from tips. If they didn't mention it, how should he know?

  • MalAntagonist

    Fossil, not bone. All organic material has been replaced by minerals log ago.

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