Good Ideas: Rape Prevention Underwear For Women

November 5, 2013


AR Wear is a line of rape-prevention undergarments (which are currently an Indiogogo project). They were designed to be "locked" after being put on and adjusted, preventing the waist from being cut or pulled down, and the thighs from being cut or pulled up.

The waist, thighs, and central panels are protected with specially designed, cut resistant straps and webbing. Once the waist girth has been adjusted and secured with its unique locking device, the garment cannot be pulled down. Since a female's waist measurement is generally less than that of her pelvic area, the waist strap can be locked at a comfortable position and still prevent unwanted removal of the garment. The thigh straps, after an initial adjustment by the wearer, prevent the leg openings from being lifted or shifted to the sides by someone else. The center panels are connected to both the waist and thigh straps to create a unified protective skeletal structure.

The underwear are locked using a little button with two "clock hands" that have to be set in the correct positions (with 132 different combinations) to be unlocked. So they're still easy for the wearer to take off, even in an emergency bathroom situation. I wish I could say the same about my belt.

Keep going for a video about the underwear.

Thanks to Tiger and dr venkman, who agree there's nothing funny about rape, and if you think there is, I want you to try to explain it to your mom and watch her reaction as she realizes what a failure at life you turned out to be.

  • Jesus... you mention rape and this place turns into yahoo comments.

    Fuckin Obama...

  • acedick72

    Lol those wouldn't stop me. Should make role play more interesting tho, my woman likes scenarios involving me pretending to be the spic that keeps breaking into our apartment.

  • qwert`

    whats the big deal with rape anyway. its not like murder or maiming where something's been taken from you. its more like software piracy where what the attacker wants is shared without consent (or regard of the victim's rights to decide who gets it) but without depriving the victim of anything. (just because she was raped doesn't stop her intercourse with who she chooses or touching herself if she chooses . not like he sews it up or something) :trollface:

  • Ethan Aho

    All these comments and no one has made the reference to Robin Hood: Mean in Tights? I guess I will:

  • Grob

    you're a retard if you think women who are raped are going to wear these. it's the whores wearing thongs, all slutied up that will get raped indiscriminantly. not condoning it, but there is such a thing as asking for it

  • kristopher

    these do nothing to protect the armpits or elbows.

  • Jeff Kalmar

    A friend of mine posted this idea:

    "Better ideas: Rape Prevention Underwear for Men -

    Electrodes are hooked into your brain and attached to your underwear.
    When you think about perpetrating sexual violence, you get an intense
    electrical shock to your junk causing you to fall to the ground, puke
    for hours, and rendering you impotent for a year."

    I like that idea better.

  • IngusMW

    this...makes a really awkward gift...

  • Dave Patrick

    Im getting some of these for my daughter and NOT giving her the combination. Chastity belt FTW

  • MattiH

    iff they do all pants like this belt companies will go bankrupt

  • Gia

    It's a neat idea but sadly, anyone determined to rape a woman will just force HER to unlock them by threatening her with extreme bodily harm or death. It might be useful for the random rapist attack on the street sort of thing. But an acquaintance, date-rape or other more common scenario it's unlikely to help. Same with those little gadgets they're using in South Africa that are inserted like an IUD that rips a penis up once inserted. That'll just piss the guy off and make him attack her in other ways. :-/

  • Veronica Davis

    It's so sad that's come to this..but Imma maybe buy me some.

  • Tyler AitchKay

    Gee, I wonder what witty jokes those funny Geekologie kids gotta say about this!


    Nevermind, bye!

  • Pat Patrix

    Maybe they'll just rape fat chicks who can't fit into the underwear.

  • Ty Ire

    If I read one more comment dismissing this as a legitimate method of resisting attackers by insisting that the male would just beat her face..... First of all listen to what you sound like.

    "Don't try to defend yourself. Don't worry about it at all because if you end up in that situation the male will do exactly what he wants and you are powerless. It's a terrible idea even though I have no understanding on how an assault situation works. I just KNOW a guy wouldn't give up until he got her."

    (Speaking of which I hope none of you making such suggestions would ever resort to such disgusting and persistent measures. Because you'd be even worse than the current average assaulter.)

    For some background, studies SHOW that physical resistance to an attack makes the rape statistically less likely to happen. Which means an added measure like the clothing above, plus maybe a knife and running away screaming should give her a better fighting chance of getting away.

    Summary for those too lazy to read the medical journal information:

    ~ Women who used non violent methods of resistance (crying, pleading, etc) were raped about 96% of the time.

    ~ Women who used forceful verbal resistance (yelling, screaming) were raped about half the time.

    ~ Running works better then yelling as the women who ran were raped about 15% of the time.

    ~ Forceful physical resistance is slightly more successful than running. Those women were raped 14% of the time. Striking was more successful than pushing or wrestling.

    ~ Finally women who resisted using a knife or a gun were raped less than 1% of the time.

  • Frio

    I can't view that PDF. Were these stranger rapes or acquaintance rapes? I don't imagine most women carry guns when they go on a date...

  • Ty Ire

    Exactly. Most don't carry guns on dates, but this sort of thing adds a baseline protection in case you left your pepper spray at home.

    The more the girl can do to have a way to fight back, the better her chances are at getting away. You can do a basic google search for the medical journal research if you really want. Sorry the link didn't post, but it was based on rape and attempted rape charges brought to court.

    The griping and complaining about how it "shouldn't be needed" and "It may increase victim blaming" is irrelevant. It's a good idea, and there is no reason why a girl wouldn't feel a bit safer with a baseline protection. It doesn't make her crazy. It is a legitimate concern and risk for women and no different than wearing a seat belt in a car. Chances are you won't need it and it may not fully save you in an event but it's there to help if you do.

    Bottom line is it could give someone the added time they need to escape a rape. So let's not immediately shame those who would be interested in this product because it's the only such item of it's kind (in comfort, and quality).

  • qwert`

    but now you're betting he won't threaten to just kick out her teeth and rape her face, or stab a new hole to rape if she doesn't tell him the combination

  • You are correct, sir. I was not betting on stab hole rape.

  • Shane Anderson

    "It's an Everlast" - Maid Marian

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