Good Ideas: Rape Prevention Underwear For Women

November 5, 2013


AR Wear is a line of rape-prevention undergarments (which are currently an Indiogogo project). They were designed to be "locked" after being put on and adjusted, preventing the waist from being cut or pulled down, and the thighs from being cut or pulled up.

The waist, thighs, and central panels are protected with specially designed, cut resistant straps and webbing. Once the waist girth has been adjusted and secured with its unique locking device, the garment cannot be pulled down. Since a female's waist measurement is generally less than that of her pelvic area, the waist strap can be locked at a comfortable position and still prevent unwanted removal of the garment. The thigh straps, after an initial adjustment by the wearer, prevent the leg openings from being lifted or shifted to the sides by someone else. The center panels are connected to both the waist and thigh straps to create a unified protective skeletal structure.

The underwear are locked using a little button with two "clock hands" that have to be set in the correct positions (with 132 different combinations) to be unlocked. So they're still easy for the wearer to take off, even in an emergency bathroom situation. I wish I could say the same about my belt.

Keep going for a video about the underwear.

Thanks to Tiger and dr venkman, who agree there's nothing funny about rape, and if you think there is, I want you to try to explain it to your mom and watch her reaction as she realizes what a failure at life you turned out to be.

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