Game Of Thrones Heroines As Art Nouveau Paintings

November 25, 2013


This is a small series (there's five) of Game of Thrones heroines imagined by Elin Jonsson in the style of famed art nouveau painter Alphonse Mucha (of that JOB rolling papers poster I had in my dorm room fame, among others). Like them? You can order prints/iPhone cases/throw pillows with the designs over at Elin's Society6 shop. Don't like them? Keep it to yourself, because SPOILER: nobody cares about your opinion. Even your friends only ask your advice so they know what not to do. "Ouch." The truth hurts, I just thought it would be easier coming from me because I'll still go get drunk with you afterwards to ease the pain. "Aww, thanks." You're buying.

Hit the jump for several more.





Thanks to Christina L, who's always dreamed of owning a pet dragon and burninating the villages of her enemies. God, who hasn't?

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