From Bathroom To Trench Run: Death Star Wall Tiles

November 26, 2013


These are the closeup Death Star tiles created by Tom Spina Designs to deck the walls of some rich person's Star Wars themed home theater. Each tile is a foot square and 3-4 inches deep. No word what they cost but considering they were custom fabricated my guess is a fortune. We should find out where this home theater is know. "Rob the place?" What? No! I was going to say bring over a movie and see if they'll let us watch it. If you bring a p0rno though no making eye contact until the credits.

Keep going for more shots and a video of the finished home theater.






Thanks to lebeeps, who agrees the best wall covering is wallpaper printed with a bunch of plump, pale-skinned tasteful nudes.

  • Aniroc

    looks awesome but a nightmare to clean all the dust off eventually.

  • JJtoob

    Aw I thought they were Star Wars specific, but they are more generic.

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