Forever A White Belt: Martial Arts Fail Compilation

November 11, 2013


Because there are a ton of people in the world that wish they had the strength and dexterity of a ninja but would make far better crash test dummies, this is a compilation video of martial arts fails. Mostly accidental head kicks, failing to break boards, and falling trying to perform jumpkicks. So just remember: no matter how rough your Monday morning might seem, at least you didn't just get your nose broken by a classmate trying to earn their yellow belt.

Keep going for the video. Then spend your lunch break jumpkicking the vending machine trying to get Sun Chips to drop.

Thanks to Clint, who once broke a stack of boards so thick the Ents tried to start a war over wasting so much wood.

  • Mr T

    Hurting your shin is funny. Hurting your shin and falling down a flight of stairs is hilarious.

  • Kenlin Bros

    I enjoyed this far, far too much.

  • baal

    I never saw the point to the whole board breaking non-sense. It mostly works on physics instead of any skill other than willing yourself to try something stupid. Also, total fail @ the slipping examples - any decent martial artist won't kick when it's slippery. Lastly, . Noone should ever be getting hit by debris; that's total fail of whoever is the highest rank there.

  • Turbosloth

    I did it when I was a kid and the wood is pine and you break it going with the grain. It's really a massive joke considering an 8-year old can do it, even two boards at once.

  • Izy Betancourt

    I've seen adults who couldn't break the boards. Yeah they're easy to break it's not supposed to be a Feat in itself. but if you can't do the technique properly or at all, you won't break the board.

    luckily now there's Re-breakable board that actually have different degrees of Difficulty.

  • The point of board breaking is control and focus. Done with focus and alignment the board breaks. Otherwise it does not. It should also be done properly and not just with whatever you have laying around. Boards are also usually scored to make sure they breaking without splintering. Again, it's a display of control, not brute strength.

  • Turbosloth

    No, you don't even need focus, it's easier than wiping your ass.

  • Soylent Green Is People

    The point of board-breaking is derp derp derp.

  • Nate Henley

    Stick to street fighter

  • da1nonlysage

    thanks, GDubb

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