For Sale: A Scrooge McDuck Bank Vault With Enough Coins For Swimming

November 27, 2013


This is the Swiss bank deposit safe for sale in Basel, Switzerland. You get the actual room, along with the safe deposit boxes and 8-million Swiss five-cent coins. The coins alone weigh 5-tons. For reference, that's one ton more than your mom. I'm joking, she's a beautiful lady and you should feel lucky to share her genes.

This is the original bank safe from the former "Schweizer Volksbank" and known to be one of the finest Swiss piece of craftwork in the early 20th Century. It is in very good shape and still usable as a bank deposit safe. It will be removed from it's original location and be replaced anywhere in the world. You'll freely decide what happens with it.

So you think if we bought this and had a high dive installed then broke our necks trying to dive into the money we could sue DuckTales for giving us the impression that was possible? Because I say we should at least try. You go first though, I just ate and don't want to cramp.

Keep going for two more shots and two videos of the coinage.



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