Don't Touch Me: Yin And Yang Bathtub For Couples That Want To Bathe Together But Separately

November 7, 2013


This is the $55,000 *spit-takes blood* Yin Yang Couple's Bath bathtub. It's actually two separate tubs so you and a lover can bathe together, but without them poking you with their disgusting little toes. It's perfect for failing marriages that haven't quite progressed to sleeping in separate bedrooms yet. It's a great way to, you know, test the waters. See what I did there? Neither do I.

A particularly profound experience of well-being is created by the integrated soundwave massage. The bathing guests are bathing directly in the loudspeaker, enjoying the excellent sound quality and feeling the musical vibrations in every fibre of their body. Regenerating colour light in all rainbow colours is envelopping the bather's body.

This new bath tub offers in the Wellness area the possibility of bathing together, yet separately. The form of the tub is reminiscent of the Chinese symbol Yin and Yang, which expresses the constant change of the opposites. The tub edge is drawn down in the middle so that the common bathing experience can be intensified.

First of all, there's no reason why this should cost $55,000. Secondly, there's no reason for it to exist in the first place. If you don't like the water scalding hot, guess what? MAYBE WE SHOULDN'T BE TOGETHER. "Jesus, don't you think that's a little extreme?" No, I'm very particular and that's just the way I am. "And how long has your longest relationship lasted?" Almost the whole date.

Hit the jump for one more shot in case you were hoping to spot some underwater privates and think your eyes are better than mine.


Thanks to lebeeps, who agrees a shower with two showerheads and a bench in the back is the tits.

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