Diversity: New Ms. Marvel Is A New Jersey Muslim Girl

November 7, 2013


Because comic book universes need diversity too, Marvel has announced that the new Ms. Marvel will be a Muslim girl of Pakistani descent living in New Jersey, constantly trying to balance her freedom and shape-shifting superpowers with a demanding, conservative family. Sounds good. Say -- if you could shape-shift right now, what would you be? Because I'd be your computer monitor and you'd be staring at my privates.

According to the press release, the new Ms. Marvel's real name is Kamala Khan, a 16-year-old from Jersey City. "Kamala has all of her opportunities in front her and she is loaded with potential, but her parents' high expectations come with tons of pressure," Marvel describes. "When Kamala suddenly gets powers that give her the opportunity to be just like her idol, Captain Marvel, it challenges the very core of her conservative values."

No word yet how she gets her superpowers, but my guess is drinking unfiltered New Jersey tap water. I'm kidding, you're not getting anything but dysentery that way. Remember the first time you died of dysentery playing Oregon Trail? That's like, a shared human experience. "What's Oregon Trail?" You're dead to me.

Thanks to E V I L A R E S, Christina, Zen, littlepinch and Shane, who hope one day all little children, no matter their race, color, or dietary habits, will be able to play together. Man, I sure hope so (for the sake of my hybrid dino kids).

  • Alice


  • dingusthemonique

    It's funny now that Disney owns Marvel.

  • J. Jacobson

    Her vulnerability is stones. Bummer



    Clearly, Marvel has not thought this one through, there is a huge population of Indians in Jersey City, not Muslim.

  • the antagonist

    "The new Ms. Marvel will be a Muslim girl of Pakistani descent living in New Jersey"

  • $27320779

    Biggest error is making her pakistani instead of arabic, bengali or indonesian. Most non-pakistani muslims do not look fondly upon pakistanis or relate well at all. Indonesian would at least make a real personal conflict of conservative values meet liberal values, or bengali would work because they are a relatively new nation that experienced oppression from many angles (to create the character that overcomes a cultural struggle of being looked down upon as inferior).

  • Guest

    I'm not letting my kids read this because I'm an idiot bigot!

  • Victor Reyes

    Sooo...perfect timing for the segment on Totally Biased, featuring Sikh Captain America from the Tri-state Area. Except Jersey is the Cap's Enemy in this scenario. Hah!


  • firstofthefallen

    Very poor depiction of a student. Nobody carries their books like that.

  • Muslim girl's only super power, to live in New Jersey (instead of the Middle East), miraculously saves herself from being raped, sold, beaten, acid thrown on her, stoned, or put in jail. Living in New Jersey is a sweet ass super power.

  • MarioHerald

    However, the most interesting thing about this news is that the author
    won't be no other than G. Willow Wilson, who is a muslim woman herself
    and a good writer (I recommend her book Alif the Unseen). Also, one of the editors is Sana Amarat, whose experiences growing up as muslim-american are what originally inspired this book in a talk about childhood with editor Stephen Wacker.

    Also, given that Amarat and Wacker are the editors of this book and Chris Yost's New Warriors (which comes out on the same month in 2014), it stands to reason that at some point Kamala would visit or even join that superhero group (the path most superheroes take in their story evolution after some solo arcs is to join a team or have some adventures with one, either in a crossover or outright forming part of the other title, even if they keep their solo book). More so considering the nature of the next incarnation of New Warriors.

  • Gnome

    I'm thinking there is a copyright infringement here.
    There is a hip hop artist called Miz Marvel
    Who has a Super Hero Persona.

    Check it..

  • namor


  • namor

    Just don't mess around with Dorma and we're straight

  • Anderson Monteiro

    The issue here is religion. Marvel is going into unknown territory, these are not christians, muslims are very touchy about their religion. If they misspelled a teaching that is different form koran (and that is bound to happen), I hope they have some strong blast doors that could hold a furious mob of islamists at their headquarters...

  • Luka Mlinar

    This is so wrong. The took the hottest chick from comics and turned her SFW.

  • DoubleFish

    Quite possibly the funniest and most imaginative post here! Bravo!!

  • miaoumiam


  • Michael Jones

    I really wish they would tap into that left handed handicapped lesbian Hispanic Jew
    female market.

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