Decide For Me: A Pandora-Like Streaming P0rn Service

November 7, 2013


P0rnIQ (mine is less than 80) is a website (NSFW -- can you believe that?!) that creates a playlist of adult movies based on three simple choices you make. It's kind of like Pandora, but even more like Songza if you're familiar with it. In the example above, I chose 'Plump and Lovely', because that sounds delicious. Then you choose a slightly more specific category, and it asks how much time you've got before somebody walks in and catches you with your pecker in your hand. 20 minutes or more?! What am I, on vacation?

Thanks to Nette, who agrees if you have twenty minutes or more to watch p0rn you might as well call into work sick and make a whole day out of it.

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