Cricket Chirping Slowed Down Sounds Like Angelic Choir

November 26, 2013


I'd be chirping too if that were me.

UPDATE: Apparently faked in some capacity. *shrug* People are such jerks.

So apparently if you slow down the sound of crickets chirping to the point where a cricket's lifespan matches that of a human's (no idea how slow that is), it becomes some sort of heavenly choir. This is an embedded audio file of that, with the regular speed chirping layered on the track as well. Pretty relaxing, isn't it? I fell asleep twice trying to write this, and another time resting my head against the microwave waiting for my clam chowder to warm up. My mom always told me I shouldn't do that, but you know what? I don't live with my parents anymore. "I'm pretty sure their basement apartment still counts." IT HAS ITS OWN ENTRANCE.

Keep going for the sound of angels singing.

Thanks to Lisa, who wants to know what it sounds like if you slow down the sound of frogs. Plus whether or not that can help identify which ones are actually princes.

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  • sgcr

    Another one of God's testament he exists.

  • Heather Harrington

    This proves the movie Epic is REAL!

  • Hayley Prychun Rodgers

    Am I alone in liking the sound of crickets? Never bothered me at all.

  • sounds edited.

  • JJtoob

    I think about 30 seconds of that was enough. 1 hour of listening to this and I might just become a cricket myself.

  • Austin Baker

    That's pretty freaking creepy if you ask me...

  • stumpleriltskin

    The beautiful harmonies are said to be made from 100% cricket sounds that were slowed down on tape. Slowing down tape effects both pitch and speed together. So, let’s listen to these field recordings of crickets:

    Cricket solo original recording.mp3
    Crickets multiple A original recording.mp3
    Crickets multiple B original recording.mp3
    Crickets multiple C original recording.mp3

    I then took these and slowed them down tape-style in octaves:

    Crickets multiple A minus 1 octave.mp3
    Crickets multiple A minus 2 octaves.mp3
    Crickets multiple A minus 3 octaves.mp3
    Crickets multiple A minus 4 octaves.mp3

    The minus 4 octaves examples sound less like “God’s Chorus” and more like “Hell’s Demons”! As shown through evidence (mp3 examples) crickets do not create complex choral harmonies. As a professional composer and sound designer, this is what I hear on “God’s Chorus of Crickets”:

    There is a (real speed) field recording of crickets. Under that field recording is a recording of a (human) choir that has been slowed down, reversed and run through some reverb. It’s a beautiful technique to get harmonic texture, but most definitely human in harmonic structure and cadence.

  • wowemily

    My instincts concurred with your findings. What made me suspicious were the intervals. The crickets just happen to "sing" within the confines of the Western major scale? Heaven forbid they go minor or into some weird semitones--then we would know they are truly dangerous.

    That said, I do like crickets and their green doppelgangers, the grasshoppers.

  • wowemily

    What the narrator should have said is: What you are hearing is some nonsense put together inside a computer to trigger an emotional response.

  • Prosy

    Hmm... It's really interesting. Maybe this (real) sound was meant to be heard by the seekers like us to give us the signal to meet up for the next stage of human existence. Because why not. =P

  • stumpleriltskin


  • Closet Nerd

    I'm gonna show that cricket my "O-face"!
    ....just sayin

  • sharkycomplete

    No, that is literally an angelic choir with crickets (and other critters, sounds like) chirping in the background.

  • Meseta
  • Tyguy

    Gotta be fake

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