Cricket Chirping Slowed Down Sounds Like Angelic Choir

November 26, 2013


I'd be chirping too if that were me.

UPDATE: Apparently faked in some capacity. *shrug* People are such jerks.

So apparently if you slow down the sound of crickets chirping to the point where a cricket's lifespan matches that of a human's (no idea how slow that is), it becomes some sort of heavenly choir. This is an embedded audio file of that, with the regular speed chirping layered on the track as well. Pretty relaxing, isn't it? I fell asleep twice trying to write this, and another time resting my head against the microwave waiting for my clam chowder to warm up. My mom always told me I shouldn't do that, but you know what? I don't live with my parents anymore. "I'm pretty sure their basement apartment still counts." IT HAS ITS OWN ENTRANCE.

Keep going for the sound of angels singing.

Thanks to Lisa, who wants to know what it sounds like if you slow down the sound of frogs. Plus whether or not that can help identify which ones are actually princes.

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