Commercial For Line Of Girl's Engineering Toys Features Giant Rube Goldberg Machine, Beastie Boys 'Girls' Parody

November 20, 2013



This is a commercial for GoldieBlox, a new line of engineering toys aimed at girls. The ad features a giant Rube Golderg machine (designed by the same guy who created the one for OK Go's music video and not designed by women like it should have been) and is set to a parody of the Beastie Boy's 'Girls'. The Rube Goldberg machine (which takes up nearly the entire whole house and yard) is really impressive. The song? The song carries an important message, I'm just not sure it's a message best delivered in a Beastie Boys parody. It was no 'You Gotta Fight For Your Right to Math and Science,' I can tell you that.

Hit the jump for the commercial, then buy your daughter some educational toys this Christmas and save the pony for me.

Thanks to Monkey Commandant, who agrees American Girl dolls are everything that's wrong with the girl's toy industry. Plus they cost a fortune and my parents will only buy me one a year.

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  • douchelarouche

    So ladies, apparently your future lay in creating rube-goldberg devices, though I'm not sure how decent the profit margin is, at least you will be "engin-ewring."

  • Bastardo

    I don't think those girls built all that by themselves...

    They probably asked their dads.


  • catallergy

    I think the song is kind of fitting. The whole thing is about taking things that are traditionally male and putting a girls spin on it (also demonstrating that science and engineering isn't just for boys). What better way than to take a song that is subjugating to women (in jest) and flip it on its head?

    Also, these girls are adorable.

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    To do the dishes!

    To clean up my room!
    To do my laundry!
    And in the bathroom!

    At least they didn't parody Oingo Boingo's "Little Girls"

  • iamn0one

    MCA is spinning in his grave. Ireverant bastards.

  • Joe Schmopped

    I am willing to bet that the Rube Goldberg was built by a man. Just sayin'.

  • LostBoyGoonie

    You're right. Check out the behind the scenes footage. It shows that the person who designed and built the rube goldberg contraption for the commercial was a 39 year old male named "Brett."

  • catallergy

    I am willing to bet that it was built by a collection of people, both male and female.

  • KLanD

    Fnckin brilliant.

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