Coin: A Credit Card That Stores All Your Other Credit Cards

November 14, 2013


Note: Your cards don't actually hologram out like that. False advertising, I know.

This is Coin (despite clearly being a card), a digital credit card that can store all your other credit cards (plus magnetic strip membership cards) so you only have to carry one. That way you don't have to walk around with a wallet so fat that, after years of sitting on it lopsided, will cause you to develop back and buttcheek problems. That's a real thing BTW, I didn't just make that up. You enter your individual credit card's data via swiping through a smartphone dongle, then the data is added to the Coin card. You choose a card by scrolling through a LCD display on the back. Plus it uses a low-power Bluetooth signal to let you know if you ever venture too far away from the card with your phone. They're available for $50 pre-order now and are supposed to ship summer 2014. Will they? Beats me, next summer -- that's a long time. I know if I owned the company I'd already have everybody's money and be on a beach in Costa Rica by then. But don't let that stop you, I'm sure they're legit.

Keep going for a video about the card.

Thanks to T8RO, who mentioned already only having a single debit card. Me? I've only got a Blockbuster card.

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