They Really Want Me: Churches Trying To Attract New Members With Beer-Friendly Services

November 6, 2013


Despite the number one rule of drinking being never talk religion or politics, several churches across the country are starting to hold beer-friendly services. Some are held in actual churches, and others, well, others are held right at the bar. You there, altar boy -- fetch me another brewski.

With mainline religious congregations dwindling across America, a scattering of churches is trying to attract new members by creating a different sort of Christian community. They are gathering around craft beer.

Some church groups are brewing it themselves, while others are bring the Holy Mysteries to a taproom. The result is not sloshed congregants; rather, it's an exploratory approach to do church differently.

There's a nice long NPR article with interviews with some of the people behind the movement, which I encourage you to read if you're interested. However I can not encourage you to try starting your own beer-related cult. "But--" No buts, you can join mine but you can't start your own.

Thanks to Jeremy, who agrees getting super drunk really can be a spiritual experience.

  • Guest

    Mead is more historically accurate, monks made the shit out of that. Like alllth mead

  • asdfadfs

    monks made beer too

    theres some beer thats still made by monks now

  • Broseph


  • KLanD

    Not surprised really..

    The church loves things that keep a person dumb and malleable.

  • MustacheHam

    One can also bring water, if their friends with Jahbeus.

  • Brandon

    I'm surprised there isn't anyone in here claiming that alcohol consumption is a sin.

  • Dani

    Actually, it makes so much sense to combine alcohol and religion together, because none of these activities requires logic and both cause brain impairment, whether by physical or mental intoxication.

  • BeastmanAIDS

    Beastman doesn't tolerate voodoo speak. Especially while drinking beer.

  • Nancy

    I remember a time when people actually dressed up for church!

  • Doug Eldridge

    Free Beer and all I have to do is join a group of people who preach loving mankind while in the same breath condemning sects of Humanity like homosexuals? Keep fucking walking organized religion, the world is tired of your shit.

  • Mark Miller

    Wouldn't you think that a church progressive enough to bring beer into their service would also be progressive enough to accept homosexuals.

    Not all Christians have ignored what Jesus taught.

    Matter of fact if you look into this you'll find that the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA), the one mentioned in the article this page links to, just elected it's first openly gay bishop. And they passed a motion in 2009 instructing them to develop a rite for gay marriages.

    I'm sure you'll be able to find sub-sects of the ELCA or Lutherans in other countries that don't condone or ordain homosexuals, but I'm afraid that on the whole the Lutherans are pretty good with the gays.

    But, you are right that there are some pretty close minded, hypocritical and misguided Christians out there that seem to have forgotten that God is love and Jesus accepted everyone as they were.

  • Matticus Morgan

    this'll get me to go back to church

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