Only $3,000: WETA Workshop's Lifesize Gollum Statues

November 13, 2013


This is the lifesize Gollum statue made and sold by WETA Workshop. The piece stands (crouches) 3'6" tall and makes the perfect addition to a child's bedroom. What? Kids love 'Lord of the Rings'. Just make sure to angle it so it's always staring right at their bed. Plus tell them Gollum doesn't like children who get out of their bed at night. *rereading* You know, I should write a book about parenting for people who 100% shouldn't have kids but did. It's gonna be called, "So you F***ed Up, Now What?" Chapter 1: Is It Yours?

Keep going for a couple closeups in case you're not sure if it's up to your standard of creepiness.






  • disqus_lcgocZ8O6h

    I love this tag
    "that would look great absolutely nowhere in my house"

  • My name rhymes with rocking

    Finally, a Don Knotts statue! My dreams have come true.

  • disqus_lcgocZ8O6h

    I don't know if it is sad or funny how true this is. Poor Don!

  • sointex

    looks real-er in the movies lol

  • disqus_lcgocZ8O6h

    It's a statue.

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