An Aqua Teen Hunger Force Carl Themed Toilet

November 11, 2013


This is the Carl themed toilet that lives in the bathroom of Redditor green_derp (along with a plunger, toilet bowl brush, and a...wait, what the hell is that other thing?). Carl is a great neighbor because he loves beer and has an above-ground pool. Those are pretty much my requisites for a good neighbor. Oh -- plus not calling the cops for noise complaints. If you have a problem with my music you should at least be decent enough to come over and talk to me about it before getting the police involved. Just because last time I said I was gonna stab you like a f***ing pork chop doesn't mean I'm going to again.

Thanks to my buddy Terry, who still misses the toilet as often as not because he has the penis-eye coordination of a kindergartner. Jesus, THEN SIT DOWN.

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