Activate Interlocks!: The Deluxe Voltron Hoodie

November 6, 2013


This is the $160 Deluxe Voltron Hoodie available from 80'sTees. I want it, and I almost never want anything. Okay that's not true, I always want things. Mostly your eternal love and affection, and *getting down on one knee* your hand-- "In marriage?!" Nope! *handcuffs to chair, produces hacksaw* Just your hand.

Keep going for a bunch more shots in case you're trying to decide not whether or not you want one, but HOW MANY to buy. I ordered three.










Thanks to TBTMH, who agrees being the black lion would be best because then you form the head, chest AND privates. You definitely want to be in control of those.

  • JMeyer47

    "And I'll form the Head! ...because I'm not getting any wearing this thing out tonight."

  • namor

    grow up

  • Closet Nerd

    Pussy Magnet!

  • nightvisiongoggles1 .

    Why do they always forget the pants...

    Oh yeah, pussy magnet LOL.

  • Having watched Voltron when I was a kid, I suddenly realize he looks like a shitty hoodie.

  • douchelarouche

    What is the sudden faggy hipster infatuation with reliving childhood?
    Good lord...

  • OrehRatiug

    I finally figured out what hipster means.

    Hipster - Noun; Stuff I don't like.

  • zin

    Kinda lame that the individual sections do not come off. Then again I'm glad we won't have people walking around in sleeveless or single-sleeve hoodies.

  • Cy

    There are no little red blade wings on the back. That would really help the very plain back.

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