3-D Paintings Of Fish And Octopuses In Resin 'Water'

November 1, 2013


These are a series of 3-D resin paintings by DeviantARTist Kenglye. He creates the 3-D effect by pouring a thin layer of resin, painting that layer, pouring another thin layer, painting that one, and repeating until he's built up a real looking fish or octopus or turtle. Most impressive. The costumes in the costume contest last night? Not so much. It looked like everybody just made their costumes in the car on the drive over. Like actually while driving.

Keep going for a bunch more. Oh, and the octopus heads that poke out of the water are pebbles.











Thanks to my frenemy Terry, who just bought ten $20 lotto scratchers in a row and they were all losers. Now, everybody laugh at him with me -- AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. God that felt good.

  • Guest

    want to see a timelaps

  • Janine Good
  • Inkyspilly

    Fairly certain this person is actually stepping on the toes of artist Riusuke Fukahori http://www.thisiscolossal.c... I'm not going to say I'm 100% certain and know I'm right, but I believe articles about Fukahori were around a few months before any about Kenglye appeared. Don't quote me on it though. :)

  • Girgear

    Yeah! I knew I saw this technique somewhere else too. Still cool though.

  • Inkyspilly

    Yeah, definitely impressive. :)

  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    Wouldn't it give the same result to make the objects first and them dip them in resin? Impressing anyway.

  • It's craftsmanship like this that which reinforces my suspicions, that too many modern 'artists' choose to paint in abstract form because they can't really draw crap.

  • Art History Junkie

    *le sigh* Dali painted with surrealism, but was HIGHLY trained in other traditional painting styles. The man could paint like Rembrandt and Caravaggio, but he chose to express himself with surrealism.

    It's opinions like this that reinforce my suspicions that too many people don't really know artists before making assumptions that they can't really draw.

  • why the le you retard


    Seriously?? We are on geekologie, not 9gag you little shit

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