Comfier Than A Tauntaun: Star Wars Adult Onesies

November 5, 2013


These are the £40 (~$65) one size fits most adults Star Wars onesies available from RED5. They come in Storm Trooper, Boba Fett, Darth Vader and R2-D2 (although his design is entirely on the back for some reason) varieties. Want a Lando Calrissian one? Get real, you and I both know you're not that cool. I always pinned you for more of a Jar Jar or C-3PO. "Ouch." The truth hurts bro, and in this case the truth is just me projecting my feelings about myself onto you. "Okay now you're making me sad." I'm so lonely.

Keep going for shots of the front and back of each in case you can't get enough of Mr. Hair here, who, for the record, thought he was modeling Star Trek onesies.





Thanks to TBTMH, who agrees the best onesies are the ones with the butt flap in the back so you don't have to get naked to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.

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