Yow Yow!: A Bra That Tweets Whenever It's Removed

October 25, 2013


The Tweeting Bra is a bra that tweets every time its clasp is unclasped. What does it tweet? Not sure, but hopefully, "HIYO -- TITTY PARTY OVER HERE." Just be careful which bra tweets you actually respond to Twitter. Damn @AllisonXO81, taking your bra of at 1PM? What an afternoon delight! "@Geekologie, I'm at the doctor's for a physical." Oh.

As bizarre as the idea may sound, it is technically for a good cause: to promote breast cancer awareness and the need for self-examinations.

Keep those breasts checked, ladies. If I were a lady I would have NO PROBLEM checking my breasts regularly because I would be playing with those things nonstop. I wouldn't even need to wear a bra because they'd be cupped in my hands constantly. I'm not a lady though, so my concern is testicular cancer, which I STILL check for regularly by jiggling my balls around in my hand like I'm rolling dice. *shake shake shake* Snake eyes! Seriously though, early detection is key, everybody get on that.

Keep going for a video.

Thanks to lebeeps, who agrees a front-clasping bra that takes a picture and tweets it whenever it's removed is an even better idea.

  • dingusthemonique

    Why don't we have an Aids September? Or a Sars November, a Swine Flu August? A leprosy December, or a chlamydia February? Leukemia March and a heart disease April? How about different cancer's that we celebrate for an entire year for. Every where you go you will just be reminded of your futile attempt at a pain free mortality, but yet the Disney and MTV channels will still exist in this same world reminding you of the futility of trying to make sense of it all.

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