Would Call (For A Ride): Lil Ghostbuster Gets Custom Ecto-1 Pushcart For Easy Trick-Or-Treating

October 28, 2013


Remember last year when little Cooper here Halloween'd as Marty McFly riding in his custom time-traveling DeLorean pushcart? Well he's back, this time as a Ghostbuster with a custom Ecto-1 pushcart. Shotgun!

The push cart version of the Cadillac-based ghost mobile also is made of cardboard boxes, according to Cooper's parent's website, RottenKitten Studio, but also plastic salsa cups from Mexican take-out, empty soda bottles, LEDs, paint and, of course, a bunch of tape.

Man, remember when you were too young to walk long distances and your parents carried or pushed you around everywhere? Those were the days. Speaking of -- I saw like an eight year old riding in a stroller the other day. His feet were dragging on the ground and he had a soda in one hand and some sort of candy in the other. I shot his mother a dirty look but she was too busy texting to notice. Keep in mind this all happened in the middle of an intersection long after the 'WALK' light had gone red.

Keep going for several more shots.




Thanks to Dietrick, who promised to switch off days with me pushing each other around in a shopping cart. Deal! But no more down the stairs.

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