Woopsie: Christian Science Built A Peen Shaped Church

October 30, 2013


This is the Christian Science Church at 2nd and Highland in Dixon (it was meant to be), Illinois, as seen from above in Google Maps. It looks like a sad little pecker. But, when the image is rotated 180-degrees...


BONER-CITY, USA. Now only if there was a vagina shaped roller skating rink across the street.

Thanks to David B, lancey, Carmen and A, who agree penis shaped buildings are the best shaped buildings, making them smarter than 99% of all the architects in the world.

  • Dani

    Christian Science is an oxymoron. There's no science in Christianity and no Christianity in science. No wonder the shape of the church is of a dick. Your mind will get fucked up under that roof.

  • Guest
  • firstofthefallen

    Architectural design by Tom Cruise.

  • Big Hug Mug

    Proof that there are 'bro' architects.

  • TheSlab

    not just a dick, but a black dick! very alternative

  • I'm having a 'hard' time wrapping my 'head' around this.

  • Beanhimself

    The priests will love it for the first 12 years then they will lose interest.

  • PuterMonkey

    It's obviously an erection, since the bush goes on top. Also it's about to give it to that slutty intersection real good.

  • ... wtf? no building here...

  • Bertw192

    That's an older aerial photo. If you flip through the Google earth imagery dates, it appears an existing building was torn down to construct this erection.

  • Guest

    to erect it. how could you use construct in that context? erect the erection

  • in Soviet Russia... nuff said, you know.

  • Joel Lamm

    That thing sticks out like a sore penis...

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