What Each Country Leads The Rest Of The World At

October 21, 2013


Note: This is entirely too small to read, click HERE for a much larger, legible version.

This is a map created by Doghouse Diaries (link includes references for the data they used) showing what each country leads the rest of the world at. Some of them definitely aren't cause for celebration. Did you know Mexico is the world leader in people getting struck by lightning? Or -- OR -- is Mexico actually the word leader in electricity based supervillains? Food for thought. I'm joking, but I do want tacos for lunch now.

Thanks to p@ranO!d, lipeye and Josh, who lead the world in looking good.

  • JanB

    Czech republic leads the world in drinking beer. I'm gonna drink to that!

  • sandul

    I thought Finland was the happiest/best way of life/literally best at most things country? at least thats what my finnish friends told me...

  • sandul

    So Burma... leads the world in... speaking Burmese... congrats...

  • Guest

    India is recognized for Bollywood but.... ¿What about cheap tech support?

  • GirlFromSpace

    WTH is Internet Penetration?

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    ...bend over

  • GirlFromSpace

    I am

  • gnibs

    Internet availability or adoption per citizen.

  • cabbo

    Ireland harbours Nazis, and the UK gets the buck on fascism?

    Also, I thought Sweden held the title for quality of life?

    This is clearly pro-IRA propaganda.


    These are all just one of many things that each nation leads the world at. It's not like there's only one thing many nations do more than any other. Though the ones the authors selected to represent them might betray their own prejudices to an extent.

    Also bear in mind that the site that created this is basically a webcomic and not a reputable source of information, and anyone taking it as anything approaching inscrutable fact would be a dummy. You'll also notice that there are no sources cited if you click through*, and the second link GW posted was just another blog reporting this map the same as is being done here, rather than any verification in its own right.

    In summation: work as a webmaster is mind-numbing tedium and often you have to scrabble to find and justify content.

    *the link that's suggested to show sources. They can instead be found by clicking the second link and then the last link on that page

  • cabbo

    As a citizen of Northern Ireland, I live a good life. But I'll die before I see a nigger smile.

  • Bleudan

    So..most of Sudan does absolutely nothing?

  • Trevor Troake

    funny that burma is only good at speaking burmese lol

  • Tom Marsh

    UK = fascist movements... WAT!?

  • cabbo

    There's lots, they're just not that big.

  • thedawg

    Interesting that Norway wins in democracy when they have a king. My country wins in beef eating, couldn't be prouder

  • Trevor Troake

    like so many monarchs these days, Norway's is simply a constituional monarch. similar to how canada has a queen, but we are still a democracy. but i do see the semantic irony; king implies old world absolute monarchy not a democracy at all :)

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