Well Of Course There Is: A Dating Site For Ghosts Singles

October 2, 2013


Ghostsingles.com is a dating website for ghosts. At first I thought it was a dating website for living people who wanted to date ghosts, which made it infinitely sadder, but it's not -- the only option is to sign up for ghost/ghost relationships. So you both have to be dead. And able to use a computer. And, since your fingers can't actually touch a keyboard, you better hope whoever's house you're haunting has speak recognition software that can translate all your f***ing BOOOOOOing. "But ghosts aren't real." They sure aren't, which makes this dating website just like every other dating website -- a bunch of people trying to pretend they're something that they're not.

Thanks to TBTMH, who agrees before you go looking for love on a ghost dating website, please, try a human one first. I'd sleep better at night.

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