User-Created LEGO Mecha Playset To Hit Production

October 23, 2013


After receiving the requisite number of votes on the CUUSO site and being reviewed by LEGO, this Exo Suit playset designed by Peter Reid is actually going to be manufactured next year. It's the sixth LEGO CUUSO set to head to production, and looks like a fun build but an even funner destruction. Exo Suit Bravo to Exo Base, come in Exo Base. Oh, oh no. Shit, an alien's ripping my arm off! AAAAAARGH! Whew, I'm okay -- I poked it in the eye and it took off. I lost the arm, but at least I'm alive. Hey Exo Base, you still there? Somebody talk sexy to me.

Keep going for more shots.







Thanks to Barnett, who has every intention of building an army of these things and storming a medieval castle playset.

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