USB Phone Charger Charges With The Power Of FIRE

October 2, 2013


Note: Not a real fire, I just added that for effect.

This is the FlameStower USB charger (links to Kickstarter campaign if you want to order one). It charges any USB enabled device with the power of fire. You just unfold the unit, fill the cup on top with water (no word if spit or urine will work if you're really desperate), plug in your device, and add a fire source to the far end of the metal stick. In 30-seconds, BOOM -- you're charging. Or melting your phone because it's too close to the campfire. That was your bad, now quit dicking around and get back to making those s'mores you promised me.

Hit the jump for an explanatory video.

Thanks to lebeeps, who agrees if you find yourself charging your cellphone by fire so you can take naked sexting pictures of yourself in the forest you are doing it f***ing RIGHT.

  • hoho

    I actually think that you don't need to come a long way for power. Simply buy yourself an external charger and you can nail it. There are lots of products out there in the market. I have been used one from RAVPower, and it is really helpful.

  • Cheese

    I call shenanigans!! That's not real fire in the picture!

  • ooazraeloo

    So it's something already available, except this one doesn't serve any purpose but to charge?
    My friends and I have been using a Biolite for over a year now for camping.
    Charges any USB device and serves as a stove to cook food/boil water.

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