Two Face: Girl Draws Creepy Faces On Side Of Her Own

October 10, 2013


This is Sebastian Bieniek's series 'Doubleface', featuring a girl who draws creepy looking faces on the side of her own. Could you imagine showing up for a first date with this girl? I mean, how could you not fall in love at first sight? She's the total package -- hair, eyes, nose. "It doesn't take much for you, does it, GW?" I fell in love with the 'before' girl in an acne commercial once.

Hit the jump for a bunch more.














Thanks to lilco and Domi, who agree she should really commit and just get the faces tattooed on.

  • clnblk

    This is pretty cool, looking at this I can see how some animals (like Orca's and moths/butterflies) face camouflage can be effective in disorienting predators and prey.

  • Slasha Slim

    Promise Phan did a more convincing looking one with a tutorial for Halloween.

  • Boris

    YAY... Berlin!

  • Guest

    Ironically if you take away the middle distraction, you get a middle face. :P

  • Seth

    I wanted to see her real face. She looked really cute.

  • bakuryu

    It's like an optic illusion when you can see a regular painted face or two deformed faces,all three with an emo haircut.

    At first I thought she was cosplaying a Queen album cover,but I couldn't spot Freddie.

  • bakuryu

    She's cute.
    And creepy.

    and clever too but,like GW teach,It doesn't take much for me.Anyone will work for me,she has only to agree. And silence means agreement."Did you hear me mute girl?...You are just mute,right?
    And dont'pretend to be death. Are you really death?...oh,who cares,she implicity agreed".

  • but why?

  • dougfunnay

    becasue it could be done
    also it looks cool

  • David Gabel

    creepy but intresting

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