Training For The Apocalypse: Zombie Head Kettle Bells

October 29, 2013


Because Cross-fit is all the rage these days (at least based on my Facebook mini-feed), and everybody loves zombies, here are some zombie head kettle bells. They come in 18, 36, 54 and 72-lb weights, each with a different zombie head. Obviously, I would only use the 72-pound Mega Dead because I am f***ing cut, ripped AND shredded. Do those all mean the same thing? I have no clue because I don't subscribe to traditional gym workouts. I just head out to the woods and push trees over and fight bears and smash rocks with my muscles and real manly-ass stuff like that. I'll take a piss in a creek, race a hundred meters downstream, and drink from the water before it even gets there -- that's how hardcore I am.

Keep going for closeups of all the faces.





Thanks to Mike, who once did the helicopter with a kettle bell in each hand in a China shop and didn't break anything. Skills.

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