Toothbrush 3-D Printed Specifically For Your Teeth Can Allegedly Clean In Only 6-Seconds

October 1, 2013


This is the Blizzident toothbrush. It's a toothbrush that's 3-D printed from a mold of your mouth and can allegedly clean your teeth with the effectiveness of three minutes of traditional brushing in just six seconds. And how are you going to spend the 2 minutes and 56-seconds you just saved? I suggest cleaning your ears and nose too masturbating.

Perfect toothbrushing is as easy as biting and chewing now - everybody can do it already, automatically, and user errors are eliminated

Brushing just 4 seconds longer with the Blizzident equals ca. 3 additional minutes brushing with your hand (and 2 minutes with your electric toothbrush). 10 Blizzident-seconds equal ca. 6 minutes brushing by hand.

Toothbrushing time is just ca. 6 seconds. Conventional brushing and flossing takes ca. 10 minutes per day. Blizzident brushing and flossing takes just about one minute per day. Thus you save about 50 hours per year - that's more than a working week!

Sounds promising right? The only catch is they cost $300 right now. That's like a hundred $3 toothbrushes, so you really need to weight the value of your time vs. money. For me? Money is hard to come by and I spend at least thirty minutes a day sitting on the shitter trying to see faces in the bath towel hanging across from me. You do the math.

Hit the jump for another shot and a video of how much green CGI the brush can clean off some teeth in six seconds.


Thanks to Thaylor and s@ssfactory, who brush the old fashioned way: with a handful of pine needles. Yep, just like our forefathers.

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