Now, Time To Exercise: 17 Years and Six Generations Of Pokemon Games Later, Snorlax Finally Stands Up

October 16, 2013


Seventeen years and six generations of Pokemon games later, everybody's favorite sleeping giant Snorlax has finally gotten up off his ass. And, based on the evolution of his character throughout the years, it looks like that's actually how long it takes him to stand. You think he'll be jumping rope in the next game? Having a heart attack? Back to sleep already? The anticipation is killing me. Jk jk, it's my lifestyle, but I don't want that written in my obituary. I want it to read: "He was eaten by sharks. Hopefully the GW's death reminds us of the importance of not skinny dipping if your penis could be mistaken for a seal."

Thanks to Chad P, who always if Snorlax doesn't invest in some exercise he might not make it to the next generation of Pokemon game.

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