Thomas Kinkade Paintings Get Upgraded With Star Wars

October 31, 2013


This is 'War on Kinkade', a series of Thomas Kinkade paintings that have been upgraded with Star Wars themes by artist Jeff Bennett. I would proudly hang one of those over a fireplace. Mostly just because I want a fireplace. Hey Indy -- say your line. "Huh?" You know, it belongs in a... "I don't know what you're talking about." Dammit, is this because I asked to borrow your hat and lost it?

Keep going for six more.







Thanks to Nick and NomDaPlumb, who both expressed an interest in seeing those cottages burn.

  • James Logan Evans

    OMG! The 2 that are arguing..."the Whiney bitch" and "the elitist asshole". When I read this all I could hear was Monty Python and the Holy Grail...the scene with the knights who no longer say "nee." lol

  • Matt Gerrish

    Where can I buy a big-ass canvas version of one of these?

  • Kincaid is the fucking worst! People would come into the gallery/museum I worked in and ask if we sold Kincaid and I would tell them to go to the fucking mall, this is an art gallery not a fucking pizza stand!

    Him and P Buckley Moss, fucking hacks!

  • percychow

    Dude +1

    I used to marvel when Kikade was "in"...
    OMG folks - if the art is displayed in the lobby of a Motel 6... it REALLY ISN'T ART.

  • Josiah

    Someone is a whiny bitch.

  • Yup, it would seem you are a whiny bitch for being compelled to trash someone elses opinion.

    I mean, I understand, you don't know anything about art or the art world and the frustrations of working in an environment where you are trying to promote and sell real art and all people want is pablum because they are told this is what is good and have no other education, understanding or appreciation on the matter, much like yourself. I get it, you are one of the uneducated masses who strives for mediocrity.

    Just because you don't get it, doesn't mean you have to trash other people for speaking up with a learned tongue, or are you Thomas Kincaids or P Buckley Mosses kid and you're defending them with your little quip?

    Or is it that you're drunk and don't seem to understand that I'm not saying anything bad about the person who repurposed these pieces of crap to make something fun and interesting and you think I'm shit talking them and you had to white knight for them because they aren't around to defend themselves?

    Either way you can keep your shallow attempts at dressing me down to yourself, you whiny little bitch.

    See I can do it too!

  • Enkidu98

    Painting with light(sabres)

  • Lisa Grimm

    Something Awful did something similar back in 2004: http://www.somethingawful.c... and http://www.somethingawful.c...

  • Random

    OMG, this is the best.

  • Tommy Price

    The one with the walkers ominously creeping through the stream is the best one

  • Matt Giles

    Seriously, Geekologie - I would be interested in purchasing prints of these. They are technically available on the guy's DeviantArt account, if I want pixelated 8x10 prints... Can you reach out to the artist and see about him selling bigger prints, puzzles, etc?

  • TalonDesigns

    Or.. Maybe... I don't know...

    You could do that yourself?

  • Matt Giles

    I'd love to, but the highest resolution version of the Cottage with the AT-AT is 851x532. Feel free to print that out on a 16*14 inch canvas lustre print for your wall, but it'll look like balls.

    Anyways, I imagine Geekologie might be a bit more successful at convincing the artist that there is a market for his work than my emails - not that I haven't tried!

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