Thomas Kinkade Paintings Get Upgraded With Star Wars

October 31, 2013


This is 'War on Kinkade', a series of Thomas Kinkade paintings that have been upgraded with Star Wars themes by artist Jeff Bennett. I would proudly hang one of those over a fireplace. Mostly just because I want a fireplace. Hey Indy -- say your line. "Huh?" You know, it belongs in a... "I don't know what you're talking about." Dammit, is this because I asked to borrow your hat and lost it?

Keep going for six more.







Thanks to Nick and NomDaPlumb, who both expressed an interest in seeing those cottages burn.

  • James Logan Evans

    OMG! The 2 that are arguing..."the Whiney bitch" and "the elitist asshole". When I read this all I could hear was Monty Python and the Holy Grail...the scene with the knights who no longer say "nee." lol

  • Matt Gerrish

    Where can I buy a big-ass canvas version of one of these?

  • Kincaid is the fucking worst! People would come into the gallery/museum I worked in and ask if we sold Kincaid and I would tell them to go to the fucking mall, this is an art gallery not a fucking pizza stand!

    Him and P Buckley Moss, fucking hacks!

  • percychow

    Dude +1

    I used to marvel when Kikade was "in"...
    OMG folks - if the art is displayed in the lobby of a Motel 6... it REALLY ISN'T ART.

  • Josiah

    Someone is a whiny bitch.

  • Yup, it would seem you are a whiny bitch for being compelled to trash someone elses opinion.

    I mean, I understand, you don't know anything about art or the art world and the frustrations of working in an environment where you are trying to promote and sell real art and all people want is pablum because they are told this is what is good and have no other education, understanding or appreciation on the matter, much like yourself. I get it, you are one of the uneducated masses who strives for mediocrity.

    Just because you don't get it, doesn't mean you have to trash other people for speaking up with a learned tongue, or are you Thomas Kincaids or P Buckley Mosses kid and you're defending them with your little quip?

    Or is it that you're drunk and don't seem to understand that I'm not saying anything bad about the person who repurposed these pieces of crap to make something fun and interesting and you think I'm shit talking them and you had to white knight for them because they aren't around to defend themselves?

    Either way you can keep your shallow attempts at dressing me down to yourself, you whiny little bitch.

    See I can do it too!

  • Josiah

    No, I don't know a lot about art. What I DO know is that painting takes some skill and even if it's not world-renowned or just "mediocre", Kinkade's (at least spell his name right) paintings struck a chord with people and they enjoy them. Do you have to demean the guy and his fans? I appreciate all art because I know it takes work and dedication, even if it's not "the best", especially since I have a scientific mind, not a creative one, so art really wows me because I can't do it. Maybe you should go put your art education to good use somewhere instead of being a snobby, elitist asshole on here.

  • Maybe YOU shouldn't snap at people and not expect them to snap back asshole!

    The only reason I reacted as a "snobby, elitist asshole" as you so succinctly put it, is because of your previous comment where you called me a "whiny bitch", so you sir can go fuck yourself thank you very much.

    Every reaction has an equal and opposite reaction, or in this case when you called me a bitch, my reaction was to lash back at you like you did from the start by calling me a whiny bitch! But I'm sure with your scientific mind you already knew about caustic combinations and reactions. Or in layman's terms, don't poke the fucking bear!

    I honestly don't see why you felt compelled to defend the lord of light and start name calling me in the first place, unless you have some skin in the game? I mean, do you own one of his paintings? Are you one of the drooling masses who went to the mall and spent $1000 on one of his paint by numbers atrocities that he had a stable of other artist do and then sign his name to ala a production line, much like Andy Warhol, and now you're butthurt because I called out people "like you" for being suckered into his scam?!

    As far as art education goes, I didn't go to school to become an elitist asshole, I studied under master craftsmen in the framing industry, photographers and other artists in the gallery world to hone my craft and learn how to preserve and present art and if by doing so, if by doing so I'm an elitist asshole, than so be it. I'd rather be elitist than tone deaf or blind.

    Anyway, you've drawn me far too well along this name calling road and I must digress. I generally don't engage in such trivial pursuits, although I do love board games, so I bid you a fine day and ask in the future, keep the fucking name calling to a minimum dipshit and don't be shocked by people reacting the way I have once you start in with it right out the gate!

    Attack and expect and attack in return.

  • Josiah

    Ha, I did expect you to snap back. I don't call people a whiny bitch and expect them to just accept it. Especially hotheads like you. I just call out assholes when I see 'em and like to give them a taste of their own medicine. Besides, you were being an elitist asshole before I commented. Anyway, I think just think it's incredibly rude to comment on a (dead) artist's work about how they're "the fucking worst". I don't own any of Kinkade's paintings because I don't even personally like his style, but I still think it's rude. It would have been different if you had portrayed your annoyances in a more polite and thoughtful nature. But no YOU started the name calling by calling Kinkade a "fucking hack". It's just extremely disrespectful, even if you didn't like his work. Not to mention your arguments are hard to take seriously when you insert the "f" word into every sentence. If it weren't for your obvious intelligence, it would seem like a 12-year-old had written it. Maybe don't be such a jerk next time and give your opinion in a civilized and mature manner. Have a nice life!

  • "incredibly rude to comment on a dead artists work..."

    STRAWMAN ANYONE?! Strawman arguments, get your strawman arguments here! 2 for a dollar, strawman....

    You can keep your sanctimony to yourself with respecting the dead and tired as tropes along those lines. Would you say the same about Hitler since he's also dead? Oh don't say he was a bad guy cuz he's dead and that would be rude! Get the fuck out of my face with that bullshit you halfwit.

    In regards to calling him a hack, HE WAS A HACK! He was just as much a hack as Andy Warhol or anyone else who uses other peoples work and signs their name to it! You obviously know nothing about the man and the mass production bullshit he had a hand in creating so shut the fuck up about and stop trying to be the defender of all that is thomas kincaid.

    As per your suggestion that I was being an elitist asshole beforehand, that's a matter of perception or viewpoint. I bet you love talking about other things you know nothing about don't you? Do you also love talking about politics which you know nothing about and have no frame of reference for other than being Joe Internet Hero coming to the defense of the poor dead artist?!

    You said it yourself, you don't know anything about the man other than he exist so why not leave the discussion to the grownups who know what the fuck they are talking about. Or should I say the elitist asshole know it alls with all their fancy art education and learning and stuff.

    This conversation was over before it started but I'm putting a period here to end it for good because you have nothing to offer this discussion but name calling and aspersion casting so good day sir.

    Continue being a know nothing internet white knight who regulates what opinions people can have on forums posts and comment threads. You're doing the lords work obviously.

  • Josiah

    I actually didn't say I know nothing about him. I know quite a bit. I said I don't personally like his style of painting that much. I really don't think designing and painting an original piece and then mass-printing it is a bad thing; it's just good business. If the people who buy his stuff don't mind having just a copy then it's no big deal -- at least they have a copy of his work. Someone like you who appreciates art would obviously not like that since you prefer original, hand-crafted paintings and not (essentially) a counterfeit. Someone who has a good business idea is just a wee bit different than someone who killed millions of people. At least to me it's different. Could just be a "matter of perception or viewpoint." Anyways, I just find it ironic that you keep getting offended over my "name-calling" when you were the one who started it. And you continue to call me names, which are squeezed in between long-winded, superfluous explanations of your rude comments. The only reason I called you a "whiny bitch" was because I just know people like you enjoy dishing out insults to other people, but can't take it themselves. So I called you out and your reaction is pretty much what I expected. Typical. And yes, I will continue being a "know nothing white knight" because it's people like you who whine and complain and make the world an uncomfortable place to live in. Opinions are awesome, when expressed in a well-mannered way. But anyway, like you said, this conversation is over. Have a good day! :)

  • Enkidu98

    Painting with light(sabres)

  • Lisa Grimm

    Something Awful did something similar back in 2004: http://www.somethingawful.c... and http://www.somethingawful.c...

  • Random

    OMG, this is the best.

  • Tommy Price

    The one with the walkers ominously creeping through the stream is the best one

  • Matt Giles

    Seriously, Geekologie - I would be interested in purchasing prints of these. They are technically available on the guy's DeviantArt account, if I want pixelated 8x10 prints... Can you reach out to the artist and see about him selling bigger prints, puzzles, etc?

  • TalonDesigns

    Or.. Maybe... I don't know...

    You could do that yourself?

  • Matt Giles

    I'd love to, but the highest resolution version of the Cottage with the AT-AT is 851x532. Feel free to print that out on a 16*14 inch canvas lustre print for your wall, but it'll look like balls.

    Anyways, I imagine Geekologie might be a bit more successful at convincing the artist that there is a market for his work than my emails - not that I haven't tried!

  • Enkidu98

    Try getting Think Geek in on it.

    Problem may be copyrights. But I think you could get away with fair use under Satire.

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