There Can Be Only One: Nerd Versus Geek Rap Battle

October 7, 2013


This is a nerd versus geek rap battle created by internet video makers Rhett and Link. Who wins? SPOILER: I didn't watch the whole thing.

CHOO CHOO, I'M A TRAIN -- follow me for the video.

Thanks to tuqueque and lebeeps, who agree that when it comes to nerd vs geek rap battles, there are no winners.

  • Celista

    Too much geek-hipster crossover, skinny jeans and Apple products are not things I would classify as "geek" per se.

  • wowemily

    This is kind of a Weird Al, rip, and if these guys want to be a little more musical, they should think about dynamics. Saying every word with the same intonation and volume is monotonous. And therefore, anyone could do this.
    And who the hell would download this from itunes. All About the Pentiums is a thousand times better.

  • cabbo

    Also, lyrics. They need better ones.

  • Soylent Green Is People

    What's the story with dude on the right's neck? It's freaking me out a lil bit.

  • Guest

    FIRSTTT!!!! Too good :-P

  • Soylent Green Is People

    Hooray, you're first. Welcome to 1998.

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